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I am a first year Masters Student at Georgia Tech studying Computer Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction.

I am currently interested in fields such as Web Usability, Assistive Technologies, Information Visualization, Ubiquitous Computing and HCI in general. I am fascinated by the modern user interfaces and interaction techniques and I am studying how to improve the user's experience using these techniques and design patterns.

I have completed my undergraduate education from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (Pune, India) with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.


AR Rahman: Augmented Reality Music Composing and Playback Application

An AR music application that allows users to play the Piano, Guitar or Drums using only their hands and a cardboard cut-out that resembles the instrument. The played music can be recorded and can be played back or looped(in case of a beat), to enable composing of music with multiple instruments at a time.

The GUI consists of a main menu from which an instrument is selected using an AR selector. The instruments are virtually overlaid over the cut-outs to provide real-time interactive feedback as the notes are played.

Uses Processing as the development environment along with NyARToolkit, MidiBus and OpenGL as supporting libraries.

AR Rahman project video

ChemWiz- The InfoVis Alchemist

An interactive information visualization software that allows users to visualize chemical compounds to observe their behavior across different chemical properties like boiling point, melting point, flash point, molecular weight, solubility and toxicity.

The main objectives are to show valuable insights into observing how an element's properties may vary across different groups such as Chlorides, Sulfates, Nitrates and also observing how compounds' phases change with change in temperature.

Uses D3.js , jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS .

ChemWiz project video

Mini-Courier in Java Swing

Java Swing version of Microsoft's Courier tablet, with limited functionality such as left side of screen supports a web-browser and address book and on right side of screen is a legal pad journal.

Users can use free-form to draw shapes on the page, draw rectangles and ovals, and also create, save as well as delete pages. Users can also click anywhere on the page and start typing text, which auto-wraps to next line, as well as supports backspacing and three text colors.

The system creates customized Swing components to achieve this functionality.

Works best with JRE6
Mini-courier screenshot

Baggage Butler

A software prototype for airport luggage trolleys, that would help fellow passengers with flight information, airport navigation, destination information, cab sharing services and airport regulations information. This would be embedded onto the luggage trolley to enable hands-free interaction , as passengers would already be occupied with their luggage.

Conducted user surveys and structured interviews. Created pen and pencil mock-ups to convey design ideas. Built the actual software prototype and performed user evaluation of the prototype by testing it on 10 users from our target user group(International Masters Students) and recording their performance and feedback.

MobiBuzz- ED Alarm Management

MobiBuzz provides a platform with the goal of providing the nurses and the central monitor at Grady Hospital a way to communicate silently, yet informing of potential emergencies.

The system would sit onto the nurses' wrists like a digital wristband to enable ease-of-use and prevent obstruction to medical tasks.

Prototyped using a tool called Prototyper by JustInMind .

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